something classic.

new york. 22. photography. travel. books. cinema. ukulele. coffee. comedy. key changes. the ocean. comfortable silence. london. wine. thunderstorms.

things that make me happy: paris.

everything about st germain. reading a moveable feast in the jardin du luxembourg. eating crepe nutellas with strawberries daily. my new josephine baker poster. spending hours in the underground dali museum in montmartre. serendipitous screenings of moonrise kingdom. walking along the quais at night in the rain. all the wine. monet’s waterlilies at musee l’orangerie. fondue feasts in the latin quarter. making multiple visits to the shakespeare and company bookstore. playing hide and seek with the musee d’orsay guards of the during closing time. aimlessly strolling the left bank. all the cheese. impromptu student steel drum band concerts in the park. getting lost in montparnasse. seeing a full moon rise over notre dame and the seine from my hotel room window.

it’s official, i am moving here.